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The Postpartum Midwife was born out of my own experience as a midwife where I saw a lack of mental health care services for women and my personal experience with postpartum depression. 1/5 or 20% of mamas experience a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder like postpartum depression and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the challenges and lack of care. Many women are opting out of their 6-week postpartum visit due to COVID-19, and one 6 week visit isn't nearly enough! 

It's time for a postpartum care revolution!

I see you mama, you are not alone, you will get through this, and I am here to help guide you along your journey!


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Hey Mama Bear, You finally found me! I am a Women's health advocate, postpartum expert, reproductive, and mental health specialist, who provides inclusive, family-centered, holistic healthcare with a mind/body approach. I assume you never thought you would be going through the postpartum transition during a global pandemic. Don't worry, I got you!


Courses are for both new and experienced moms and families anywhere in the country! My extensive experience with online course development, combined with my passion for serving women. It's a match made in heaven. Check the store for course listings!

Patient care

Patient care and coaching are available nationally. My focus is on mind and body connection. The mind and the body are like two peas in a pod, Thelma and Louise, peanut butter and jelly. We can't ignore the brain! 

Professional Consultation

Improving the outcomes for moms and babies, that's my thing. Empowering all families to make decisions that meet their needs. Providing inclusive, welcoming, individual care. Let's work together!

The Postpartum University

It's time we do healthcare differently. Let's all come together and create what women and families need! Affordable, consistent, evidence-based care that is inclusive, non-judgemental, and where everyone learns something from one another!

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"In addition to being an experienced midwife, Sam is passionate about providing accessible healthcare that allows families to best adapt during the postpartum period. She has a large base of knowledge in birth, postpartum care, and mental health issues that can be experienced in the perinatal and postpartum periods. She is also a fierce advocate for women and minorities, striving to address healthcare disparities in our country."

Dr. Donna Gregory

"Samara is an expert educator with a gift for sharing her knowledge and expertise. As a nurse midwife in private practice, I often struggle with having the time to dedicate to women’s mental health. I reached out to Samara to help a patient with severe anxiety during pregnancy and she was able to successfully help this patient. Amazingly, this was all done from a distance, since the patient lived outside her geographical area. I am forever grateful for her work and cannot wait to see the great achievements that are coming from her hard work in this field! "

Dr. Jessica Abernathy

"Samara is a skilled collaborator and that unique individual you meet who is the complete package; an emerging leader that embodies an ethical framework that informs her work and relationships."

Dr. Pam Levesque

The Postpartum University info Session!

Learn about The Postpartum University on December 4th at 7 pm, meet The Postpartum Midwife and have the chance to learn how to become a part of this postpartum care revolution!